Day Two Conference - 2 March

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You can attend APAC Blockchain Conference in-person or virtual, though in-depth learning workshop sessions are in-person only.


Registration and Welcome coffee

Opening remarks from the Chair

Lindy Chen
Founding President
Australian Blockchain Alliance

Governance, regulation and security in the blockchain industry

Policing the blockchain – a regulatory perspective
  • What does the future of regulation for emerging technologies like blockchain look like?
  • Understanding the economic and social impact of blockchain technology
  • How to overcome the challenges raised by distributed ledger technology and the next steps for regulators

Senator Andrew Bragg
Chair - Select Committee on Australia as a Technology & Financial Centre
Australian Government

Blockchain technology and digital identity management protocols

Highlighting the advantages of blockchain as a traditional business disruptor
  • Examining the industries ripe for blockchain disruption
  • Addressing the knowledge gap and reducing digital infrastructure bottlenecks to maximise opportunities in scaling up blockchain initiatives
  • Clarifying the importance of using research and data to drive decision-making

Nick Abrahams
Global Head of Technology and Innovation
Norton Rose Fulbright

Legal updates: Insights into smart contracts

Highlighting the challenges and advantages of smart contracts over traditional contracts
  • Understanding the common advantages offered by smart contracts
  • Making sure your smart contract is clear, and any information 'off-chain' is pushed through to the smart contract
  • Defining the critical areas of concern, such as, legal and regulatory challenges which are holding up the widespread use of smart contracts

Lisa Fitzgerald
Lander & Rogers

Morning Tea and Networking
Blockchain in practice: how innovation and change are becoming a way of life for Australian businesses

Panel Discussion: Examining how Australian industry can capitalise on new emerging blockchain technology
  • What are some of the inherent opportunities presented by blockchain technology for Australian businesses?
  • What is the potential for blockchain technology to support and streamline diverse industries such as supply chain and health
  • Beyond increasing efficiency in existing business processes, what do you see as the next main area of disruption blockchain technology will bring to traditional business models


Lindy Chen
Founding President
Australian Blockchain Alliance


Tim Bos
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Rory Manchee
Head of Business Development
Brave New Coin - part of the Techemy Group

Dr Alexandra Bratanova
Research Scientist

Leon Hagopian
Head of Digital Solutions – Asia, Group Transformation Officer

Partner Presentation
Lunch and networking

Understanding the skills mix needed to drive blockchain development
  • Understanding the critical takeaways organisations need to examine to successfully develop blockchain technologies
  • Ensuring the user experience is best practice if you’re serious about mass blockchain adoption
  • Key strategies to develop a multidisciplinary team to manage blockchains and support your blockchain governance structure successfully

Joanne Moss
Non-executive Director
LBT Innovations & Ellume

Cross chain technology and its role in large-scale adoption

Cross chain interoperability and what this means for digital assets
  • Discussing why is cross chain interoperability inevitable
  • Uncovering what it looks like
  • Examining how interoperability is technically achieved

Michael Cotton
Managing Partner - Meld Ventures, Co-Founder – Algomint,
& Founder – Meld Gold

Bitcoin and it’s role in the future of day-to-day business

The new battle of the banks: how crypto is competing with traditional finance
  • The new players in the finance world: decentralised finance (defi) that cut out intermediaries, and centralised finance (cefi) with new fintechs leveraging crypto
  • The real-life applications of cryptocurrency
  • What does the future look like for the traditional banking system

Fred Schebesta

Afternoon Tea and Networking

Examining the increased risks quantum computing poses to blockchain security
  • Discussing the processes undertaken in the development of MatRiCT
  • Highlighting the inefficiencies MatRiCT addresses and how it protects against cyber-attack exposure
  • Examining how the new protocol is both quantum-safe and protocol preserving in both a practical and deployable way

Dr Muhammed Esgin
Research Fellow – Department of Software Systems and Cybersecurity, Monash University and
Research Fellow, Data 61|CSIRO

Addressing blockchain security and vulnerability issues

Highlighting critical blockchain infrastructure vulnerabilities and what you can do about them
  • Listing the critical vulnerabilities, you need to be aware of when setting up your ledger and how you can ensure your blockchain is protected
  • Understanding the essential differences in security aspects blockchain technology exposes your organisation to
  • Taking the time to assess which type of network best suits your needs and allow for maximum mitigation of risks

Dr Zubair Baig
Senior Lecturer, Cyber Security Division Lead, IoT, CPS and Critical Infrastructure Security, Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation (CSRI)
Deakin University

Closing remarks and conference adjourns