Pre-Conference Workshops

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Workshop A: How to take your blockchain project beyond the pilot to production

Integrating blockchain technology into organisational operations is challenging. The number of pilot projects emerging to take advantage of this disruptive technology is high, but the number of concepts that progress past this stage is staggeringly low. How do you ensure that you are developing a feasible concept with commercial value and set your pilot up for the highest chance of success? This interactive workshop will give participants a hands on opportunity to understand how to select use cases with greater precision and manage the organisational and process changes associated with integrating blockchain technology into business.

Key Benefits of attending this session

  • Identify the key success factors for a successful pilot
  • Explore the considerations and implications for blockchain projects
  • Align concepts with organisational needs and capabilities to ensure higher rates of success
  • Navigate change management essential to scale concepts through to production
  • Understand common obstacles and barriers to the success of pilot projects
  • Ensure that you are well placed to take advantage of this disruptive technology
Workshop B: The fundamentals of blockchain technology and what you need to understand about it

One of the biggest barriers to the adoption of blockchain technology is its complexity. Blockchain has the potential to revolutionise business and industry, yet understanding how the technology can work for your organisation is not simple. In this full day in-depth learning session, attendees will be provided with a back to basics understanding of how blockchain works, its use cases, and what you need to know to keep pace.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand blockchain technology and its applications
  • Explore how blockchain can be used in your organisation
  • Collaborate with industry peers and learn from their experiences, successes and learnings
  • Upgrade your knowledge and understand the key opportunities presented by distributed ledger technology
  • Participate in a no frills discussion on what you need to know to begin your blockchain strategy
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If you’d like to become a facilitator on either of these workshops, please contact:

Nischal Aryal
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