Day One Conference - 8 December

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You can attend APAC Blockchain Conference in-person or virtual, though in-depth learning workshop sessions are in-person only.

Registration and welcome coffee

Opening remarks from the Chair

Lindy Chen
Founding President
Australian Blockchain Alliance

Australian Government Update and Policy Review

Reviewing fintech initiatives impacting the blockchain ecosystem in Australia
  • Advancing the development of blockchain initiatives and their uptake across Australia’s fintech industry
  • Supporting the development of technological innovations to improve the financial wellbeing of Australians
  • Outlining the role blockchain will play in Australia’s future economic growth and prosperity

Senator The Hon Jane Hume
Assistant Minister for Superannuation, Financial Services and Financial Technology
Parliament of Australia (Invited)

Disrupting the status quo: Blockchain and the future of finance
Unlocking the future of digital currency
  • Creating greater financial opportunities through investing in innovative technology
  • Discussing the next generation of digital infrastructure and the impacts it may have on the future of Australia’s financial services industry
  • A look at the changing landscape ahead for the digitalised economy

Decentralised finance – disrupting the banking system one platform at a time
  • DeFi 101: Explaining what DeFi is and the role it will play in the future of the Australian financial system
  • Examining how DeFi is changing the existing financial systems around the world more quickly than originally thought possible
  • Developing best practice strategies to ensure you stay up to date with the evolving crypto landscape and ensuring you stay ahead of the curve

Dominic Gluchowski
Chief Marketing Officer

Morning Tea and Networking

PANEL DISCUSSION: Unpacking the future of blockchain development in Australia
  • Has the National Blockchain Roadmap given the Australian blockchain industry the boost it needed?
  • What else can the Australian Government do to encourage the development of blockchain technology in Australia?
  • What steps can the blockchain industry take to help itself?


Cindy Nicholson
Chief Executive Officer


Amanda Robinson
Head of Social Innovation
Australian Red Cross

Lindy Chen
Founding President
Australian Blockchain Alliance

Sharon Hunneybell
Chief Executive Officer
The Gold Coast Innovation Hub

Kaspar Kaarlep
Chief Technology Officer

Preparing the way for the next evolution in blockchain technology

The future of blockchain and what this means for Australian businesses
  • Examining what the future holds for blockchain and what comes next
  • Exploring the impact of evolving blockchain technology on Australian industry
  • Understanding how Australian businesses can prepare for the disruption of blockchain

Samuel Brooks
Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies
Standards Australia

Partner Presentation
Networking lunch
Embracing emerging challenges and opportunities in cryptofinance

Panel Discussion: The future of cryptocurrencies and the challenges facing the industry as it matures
  • Overcoming the unique risks cryptocurrencies’ present
  • Increasing the technical knowledge of potential investors to encourage investment in digital assets such as bitcoin or Ethereum
  • Examining potential areas for Government regulation and what that could mean to individual and business investors


Lucas Cullen
Bitcoin Consultant and Developer
Bitcoin Brisbane

Ryan McCall
Chief Executive Officer

Richard Voice
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Evan Gallagher
Principal Specialist – Policy

Maximilian Marenbach
Head of APAC Expansion/Head of Banking and Payments
Kraken Digital Asset Exchange

Glenn Woo
Managing Director, Head of APAC


International Keynote: Understanding what the future holds for blockchain and crypto finance
  • Taking a look into the transformational impact of blockchain
  • Navigating the regulatory constraints associated with blockchain
  • Examining how governments can support the adoption of blockchain technology?
Panel Discussion: Breaking down compliance, risk management and global regulatory outreach for cryptocurrency
  • Partnering with the Government to advance the adoption of blockchain technology
  • Developing a compliance strategy for cryptocurrency
  • Strengthening risk capability frameworks to minimise risk exposure


Richard McCarthy
Group Executive
Perpetual Corporate and Trust

Panellists TBC

Afternoon Tea and Networking

Case Study: Creating and managing non-fungible assets in gaming

Lachlan Feeney
Founder and CEO

Bitcoin: is it really worth its weight in gold
  • Examining how cryptocurrencies have the potential to provide a secure parallel financial system
  • Determining whether a modern investment portfolio should include investments in cryptocurrency
  • Understanding how the growing adoption of bitcoin demonstrates an increased trust in the blockchain economy and what that means for long- and short-term developments in the investment market

Henrik Andersson
Chief Investment Officer
Apollo Capital

Unpacking the business obstacles to adopting blockchain technology
  • Understanding the legal complication delaying businesses from adopting blockchain
  • Blockchain beyond the pilot – what happens next?
  • What do businesses need to prepare for blockchain adoption?

Louise Mercer
Chief Experience Officer

Closing remarks from the Chairperson
End of Day One and networking drinks