ADCA Blockchain Awards


We are excited to announce the first ever ADCA EXCELLENCE IN BLOCKCHAIN AWARDS, a night designed to recognise those leading the way and making a positive impact in the blockchain community.

It’s an opportunity to showcase innovation from Australia and throughout the region, as well as relax, network and celebrate.

Whether you plan to enter yourself or your team for an award or not, it will be a fantastic night to meet the APAC blockchain community.


Project Awards

  • Blockchain Start-up of the Year
  • Blockchain Scale-up of the Year
  • Corporate or Government Blockchain Project of the Year
  • Digital Currency Exchange of the Year
  • Blockchain Project of the Year (selected from winners of above)

Individual Awards

  • Blockchain Innovator of the Year
  • Blockchain Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Corporate of Government Blockchain Leader of the Year
  • Female Blockchain Leader of the Year
  • Regulatory or Policy Blockchain Leader of the Year
  • Individual Blockchain Leader of the Year (selected from winners of above)


*Applications will open soon...


*Application guidelines:

You can enter more than one category
Make sure you ready the criteria thoroughly to ensure you choose the most appropriate category to enter
Your application document must be a Power Point or PDF
All judges, organisers and staff involved with the ADCA Excellence in Blockchain awards will keep all information confidential. Applicants are strongly recommended to share financial results in their application documents
Your application document will not be promoted or made available to anyone other than the judges, organisers or event’s staff at any stage
Applicants must be registered to the two-day main conference to be able to enter the awards. For individual categories, the main applicant must be registered to the main conference to be able to enter. For team and program categories, at least one person from the team must be registered to the main conference; we highly recommend the registrant to be the main person responsible for the team or program
Finalists must attend the Award interview on Day One. If you do not attend the interview you will be disqualified. Do not submit an application if you are unable to attend
Winners must be willing to participate in the Award Winners Panel Discussion that will take place on Day Two