Why attend

The APAC Blockchain conference has been designed to look past the hype that surrounds the blockchain and instead focus on the commercial opportunities it presents. The event will bring together industry leaders who are driving the change in their industry, regulators as well as the innovators that are driving the current use cases. The conference is designed for senior executives and those working in strategy, legal, innovation, ICT and business processes transformation from across all industry sectors, who see an opportunity for the blockchain to drive positive change in their industry.


“It created a thought process that wasn’t there before – enlightening”
General Manager, Stratton


For the first time in Australia, hear from Robert Kahn, the “Father of the Internet”
Key insights from MPs, regulators and standards committees about the future of blockchain governance helping you navigate an uncertain future
10+ blockchain projects across a broad range of private and public entities, industries and applications – take your use-case learning to a new level
Engage with more than 8 blockchain start-ups that are transforming traditional industries and understand how this will impact you