Advisory Board

Quest Events would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the official event advisory panel who contributed their valuable time and expertise to ensure the agenda for this event is timely and relevant for anyone interested in the commercialisation of blockchain technology.


  • Katrina Donaghy
    Co-founder, Civic Ledger

    Katrina Donaghy is the Business Development Lead and Co-Founder of Civic Ledger – an Australian financial technology company focusing on blockchain and smart contract technology solutions for public sector regulated markets. 

    Through her early years as a sociologist through to her interest in entrepreneurialism, she has extensive experience in public policy and early stage commercialisation.  For more than 20 years, Katrina has worked in both public and not for profit sectors with a specific focus on business development, project delivery and revenue diversification with the view to building resilient and sustainable organisations. 

    In Australia, she organises Women in Blockchain events and regularly speaks on the topic of why cities and governments should be exploring blockchain technologies.  Katrina's interest in blockchain technologies is driven by her curiousity of its potential for governments to create and facilitate new citizen-at-the-centre markets, organisations and economies of the future.

  • Mike Gamble

    In 1992 as a junior engineer working for an R&D firm in Perth, Mike mentioned to his boss 'it looks like there is something happening in CERN'.  That something became the World Wide Web, and the products developed by Mike's employer evolved into today's broadband telecommunications networks.   Mike is now convinced blockchain is the next big wave: a technology that disrupts trade and trust could be the most profound societal change we will see in our lifetimes.  Mike was one of the founding members and a co-host of the Blockchain Developers Meetup in Melbourne.  From robots to automonous vehicles to sport wearables, his heart has always been in product development, and he looks forward to bringing a blockchain-based product to market.

  • Nick Giurietto
    Chief Executive Officer, Australian Digital Commerce Association

    Nick Giulietto is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director at the Australian Digital Currency & Commerce Association. He is a B2B marketing and product professional enthused by the potential for Blockchain technology to transform business models in every industry sector - and in government service delivery.

    He has become a champion for the Blockchain industry and led the efforts of the Australian Digital Currency and Commerce Association to accelerate adoption of Blockchain technologies in Australia.

    He is proud to have been a founding member of the Global Blockchain Forum which is striving for global regulatory alignment to support a global transformation.

  • Loretta Joseph
    Industry Advisory Council, Australian Digital Commerce Association and Fintech Leader of the Year 2017

    Loretta is a highly dynamic, skilled banking, financial and consulting professional with over 25 years in financial markets and related sectors. She champions the cause for responsible blockchain adoption with global governments, regulators and industry players . She was the recipient of the Fintech Australia, "FinTech Leader of 2017", “Female leader of 2016” and Sancta Sophia College (Within Sydney University) Alumni Award 2016 for Social impact.

    Loretta has a worked for major investment banks at Board, MD or senior management level throughout Asia and India including, RBS (India), Macquarie Group (India), Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and Elara Capital (India), Spanning a long career, Loretta has tremendous exposure to global financial markets, multiple asset classes and emerging market environments. Loretta has advised many international banks, global hedge and pension funds on managing portfolio and exposure to derivatives and related products. For the last decade, she has been paramount in successful transaction facilitation for Foreign Investors in India and other emerging markets. She has operated in many multi-cultural organisations.

    Loretta sits on the advisory board of UWS (Business School), Blume Ventures (India).An adjunct fellow at UWS (Australia).Chair of the advisory board of ADDCA (Australian Digital Currency and Commerce Association) and holds various advisory positions for multiple tech, biotech and Cybersecurity companies

  • Leon-Gerard Vandenberg
    CTO & Evangelist, RightsFusion -

    LG Vandenberg is a technology and wireless executive maven who is into Bitcoin, blockchains, and bio-genomics. LG graduated B.A.Sc. in Systems Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada. He has evolved his green and cleantech skills via a base of defense technologies & security learning curve. From systems design principles and critical thinking, he enjoys tangling conceptual adventures into thought leadership and live projects.

    Leon enjoys driving change and convergence using various disruptive fashion. Today this means permissionless and exponential technologies, sensor networks, breakthrough identity and industry security models all inside chips, SIM cards  and new IoT devices alongside cloud services, AI and big data.

  • Stephen Wilson
    VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

    Steve Wilson is a researcher, innovator, analyst and adviser, with over 20 years experience in cybersecurity. He is the Digital Safety and Privacy lead at the independent San Francisco-based Constellation Research. His research agenda includes identity, cryptography, blockchain technologies, the ecology of identity, and infrastructure protection for the data economy. Steve has one of the most distinctive voices in blockchain in the world today.